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Bigmac Africa Safaris Has the most experienced, knowledgeable and Professional tour guides in all our destinations.

A Guide is not only person who guides/drives  tourists around but also  the most important person in a safari since he is responsible for delivering the services at the grass root hence making the tour more thrilling, bearable and understandable among the many hats they wear.

As Bigmac Africa Safaris, we hand pick our guides with clients in mind creating a perfect safari experience.

How do we pick a guide for you, we treat all our customers as unique, hence selecting guides as per your requirement, below are some of our criteria for choosing you a guide:

Photography/bird watching : We have experienced guides who have specialized in photography as well as birding hence if you are a photographer/birder , you are assured of achieving your dreams by the help of our passionate photography/birding  guides.

Languages: We have guides fluent in various languages, hence we select a guides that matches a language that you best understand. We have French guides, Spanish guides, German guides , Russian guides , Chinese guides & English peaking guides.

Family: We have guides/drivers experienced in handling families especially when children & old age are involved since they require extra care and being sensitive on their needs. If you are coming as a family, be assured that all members will be in safe hands.

Honeymooners: We have specific guides who can well handle the newlyweds hence able to adjust as per their needs.

The above are some of criteria we may use but you can request for guides as per your preference, maybe age group, years of experience etc.

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