5 Days Masaai Mara -Nakuru-Kakamega Bird Watching Safari

Leave Nairobi in the morning and drive to the view point of the great rift valley, descend the escarpment and a stopover at Narok for lunch or as per program, then arrive to Masai Mara at the afternoon, followed by early evening game drive in Masaai Mara which is famous for its Kenyan vulture (Egyptian, Hooded, Griffon, Nubian, White-backed and White-headed),large and highly conspicuous Common Ostrich, to the small (but still conspicuous) Cardinal Quelea, White-bellied Go-away-bird, Bare-faced Go-away-bird, Grey Plantain-eater, three Woodpeckers (Golden-tailed, Little Spotted and Fine-banded, Blue Quail&Jackson's Widowbird (rare) Sand-grouse, & thick-knee and  also black manned lions and yearly migration of wildebeests. Dinner and overnight at the camp or lodge.

A full day spent game viewing a cross the rich, trees studded grassland and rolling hills. You will have your picnic lunch inside the park.  Apart from the birds species, the famous Mara is renowned for its great herds of plain game, black-maned lions, leopard and cheetah but also contains numerous elephant and virtually every type of wildlife to be found in Kenya. Dinner and overnight at the camp or lodge.

Pre breakfast game drive, return to campsite for late breakfast and leave your campsite and proceed to L.Nakuru arriving in the late afternoon. Dinner and overnight at the camp or lodge.

After early morning Game drive in L.Nakuru National park known for its millions of flamingoes and other water birds, including (Yellow-billed Pelicans, Marabou Storks, Hammerkops, African Fish Eagles, goliath heron, pied kingfisher and verreaux eagle.etc.), return back for breakfast then leave for the Kakamega forests, stop over on the way for lunch arriving at the late afternoon, if time allows you will have an evening bird walk at Kakamega forests well known for the Forest’s huge variety of birds, reptiles and insects make it a specialist eco-tourism attraction for bird-watchers and wildlife photographers. Dinner  and over night in the campsite/lodge        

At kakamega we have: Grey Parrot (Psittacus erithacus erithacus)-in very low numbers, Turner's Eremomela (Eremomela turneri) and Chapin's' Flycatcher (Muscicapa lendu), Amongst the Kakamega specials are Ansorge's Greenbul (Andropadus ansorgei kavirondensis), the Blue-headed Bee-eater (Merops muelleri muelleri), the Red-chested Owlet (Glaucidium tephronotum elgonense), Shelley's Greenbul (Andropadus masukuensis kakamegae), Grey-chested Illadopsis (Kakamega poliothorax), Brown Illadopsis (Illadopsis fulvescens ugandae) and the Green-throated Sunbird (Nectarinia rubescens kakamega). After a morning game drive, then back for breakfast you shall leave for Nairobi lunch on the way arriving in late afternoon

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